The DIAMOND Monthly Final Tournament

The DIAMOND Tournament is played monthly.
You qualify for the DIAMOND tournament by placing in the Top 50 at the end of the monthly session.
Your progress throughout the session is displayed in Column A of the scores page.
If you qualify in Column A and also rank in the Top 25 in Tab Points your standings will appear in both Column A and Column B
Scores for the DIAMOND Tournament will be reset at the end of each month.

The prize for winning the monthly DIAMOND tournament will be awarded as follows:
If you are a winner who qualified from Column A, but you did not qualify in Column B, you will receive a $100 WFP Check or Visa Card
If you are a winner who qualified from Column B you will be awarded a $250 WFP Check or Visa Card and a $250 Sponsored Tournament Seat*
*Any player who wins a sponsored tournament seat must submit a tournament receipt within 30 days of winning their prize. We can not allow exceptions to this rule under any circumstances.

The HEARTS Tri-Monthly Final Tournament

The HEARTS Tournament is played every three months
The HEARTS Tournament rankings appear in the right-most column of the scores page.
You qualify for the HEARTS tournament by placing in the Top 50 at the end of a three-month session.
You must place in the Top 100 for each month for points to carry-over.
If you win the HEARTS Tournament you will be awarded a buy-in to a tournament which offers a $100,000 prize pool guarantee.
At the end of each month the scores for the HEARTS Tournament will updated.

The SIT-n-GO Tournament

The sit-n-go are single table tournaments
Level 1 scoring applies
All players start with $1500 in chips, blinds start at 10 minutes.
Players are not limited to the number of Sit N Go Tournaments they may play.
New Sit-n-Go tables will open as tables become available.
Sit-n-Go tournaments run at the Meadowlands Racetrack and Winners Bayonne.
Sit-n-Go tournaments run concurrently with Final Tournaments.

The DOUBLE-POINTS Tournament

Periodically throughout the season special Double-Point Tournaments will be announced. Your scores are credited with double the points they would normally earn at a Final Table. The double-points earned are entered into the Bonus Points and Total Points column and apply towards DIAMOND and HEARTS tournament points. Typically Double-Point Tournaments are held when we open a new location or special promotions.

The DOUBLE-TAB Tournament

Periodically you will be allowed to boost your scores and your progress in Column B of the HEARTS tournament qualifiers list by receiving double the points you would normally receive when turning in your tab after a Double-Tab tournament.

Team Play

Team Play is a new WFP event, invented by Lead Dealer Christina. Basically there are teams consisting of five members, including a Captain, that compete against each other. It's easy, It's fun. It brings competition and WFP events to a new level. For more information please visit or TEAM PLAY page.

Knockout Tourney

Every player is a bounty and worth 100 points to the player who knocks him out.

Dealer Bounty Tourney

Bounty is worth 30 points. Bounty determined by button at start of game. Only 1 bounty per tournament. If bounty make it to 1st place, bounty gets 60 points.

Bounty Rollover Certificate Tourney

Scores are tracked for a 2 weeks session. Top 5 play on Week 3, in 1st tourney against all regular players, as Bounties. A Player that KO’s a Bounty gets 30 points. If a Bounty finishes 1st, they win a $25 Gift Certificate. If no Bounty wins, it “rolls over” to the next session, and increases by $25. Scores are reset each session.

WFP's WPT/WSOP Yearly Finals

Sponsorship: Buy-in to a major WPT or WSOP event like the Borgata Open in Atlantic City, NJ (up to $3500 seat). The new season for the WFP's WPT/WSOP Yearly Finals will begin as soon it ends. For more info see our SCHEDULE or the SCORING page.