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WFP Team Play

Congrats to Team Dragons! Team Hump Day scores 896 and Team Dragons scores 938 to take home the movie ticket prize on April 26th at Blvd Bar & Grill. Have Fun at the Movies.....And Get Ready For the Next Round of Team Play!

We are excited to announce the resurrection of Team Play in the league. Below please find the current leaderboard, team profiles, and general information on how it all works. The team that wins will receive a $100 movie gift card. Have questions? Use the green button on the right for your Team Play questions.

Standings - Team Play Results For April 2014

Established Teams

Team Photos

  • team dragons Team Dragon

    Motto: Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon.

  • team bounty hunters Team Bounty Hunters

    Motto: We get the job done... by any means necessary.

  • team double demin Team Double Denim

    Motto: But they always knows their place. We've got style, We've got grace, We're a Winner.

  • team hump day Team Hump Day

    Motto: Mike, mike, mike, mike, mike, What day is it Mike? "Poker Humpppp Dayyyyy Yeahhhhh!"

Team Play Outline

Each team shall consist of five members, including a Captain. The Captain is in charge of making sure players show up to the event. Having an alternate player is recommended. Each team shall submit a team name.

Two teams will play against each other in a bracket system, to be randomly drawn before the event.

All teams that wish to play must notify us or Christina by deadline. (To be posted)

A schedule of the venues we will be hosting the Team Play events will be posted on the website and Facebook. The schedule will be posted one week in advance. Interested players must be flexible in their schedule.

This will be a Single Elimination Format.

Team Play could be held simultaneously with the regular nightly tournaments.

The scoring system will be not affect your regular Diamond, Heart, Borgata Open scoring. You will still get regular points for playing in Team Play. In addition to your regular game play scoring, Team Play has it's own separate scoring. Team Play scoring is Double Points Level 1, for all players participating, based on their individual finishes. These scores will be posted separately.

If a team member is missing, and no alternate is available, the team could play with four players with the fifth finishing automatically 10th place. If 2 members are missing, the team will forfeit. Rules about forfeiting will be strictly enforced.

If we start with an odd amount of teams, one team will be chosen at random to get a BYE

A bracket will be made with each team and posted and updated on Facebook and WFP's website, in advance. .

Team Play Scoring

There will be 2 tournaments played between the 2 teams scheduled. Both matches will be played within one night at the same venue. The scoring system used is a special one for team play, used to determine a winner. This is different from the league points, which will be scored at "Level 2" single points for playing 2 tournaments.

The determining factor for the winning team is as follows:
Best TOTAL score for the 2 matches will be the winning team.

After both matches are complete, we will add up the total score for each team, for both matches, and the team with the most points will be the winner. The starting stack is 3000 for each of the 2 matches, if there is time we will add some extra levels such as 400-800, otherwise it will be regular nightly tourney blind levels.

How to Enroll

Open enrollment is on first come first served basis. Once spots are filled, we'll give you first choice next time. To guaranteed a spot for next month or ask a question, email us now, just click the green button. Contact Us!

All players are welcome to watch the matches, and regular tournaments will also run at each of the venues. If anyone is interested in signing up for the next Team Play for next month, please see Christina. The team that wins will get a $100 movie gift card!